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本文转自:https://www.cnblogs.com/huangrt/p/11159038.html 使用Windows命令行reg控制注册表键值 引言 熟悉Windows操作系统的朋友可能都知道,Windows操作系统下的注册表相当于系统的数据库 ,部分软件将自己的配置信息都放在注册表里面,而注册表的破坏可以直接导致系统的崩溃。 而熟悉注册表的朋友对”注册表编辑器(regedit.exe)”一点也不陌生,它提供了一个图形化管理注册表的操作界面,本文要介绍的是另一种管理注册表的方法”控制台注册表编辑器(reg.exe)”,它可以使用纯命令行的模式对注册表进行添加、删除、查看等操作;适用于在批处理中对注册表进行操作。 控制台注册表编辑器在系统中的位置 如果我们的系统装在”C盘”,那么控制台注册表编辑器reg.exe就在”C:\Windows\System32\reg.exe”(一些精简版的系统将这些程序都删除了,这样的情况你可以从其他系统中拷贝一个放置这个目录下)。 要调用”控制台注册表编辑器”只需要打开一个CMD命令行,输入”reg /?”就能看到帮助文件了,如下图所示(注意,Win7以后的系统中必须用管理员身份运行CMD才能对注册表的一些项进行......Read More

本文转自:https://zyc88.blog.csdn.net/article/details/106349233 Edge启动后什么网站都打不开,错误代码:STATUS_INVALID_IMAGE_HASH 百度了一下解决方案。 导致这个问题的原因是 Google 在79版本(2019年12月20号左右)的更新中又重新启用了Renderer Code Integrity Protection(渲染器代码完整性保护),会阻止签名不是谷歌和微软的模块加载浏览器。 Microsoft Edge 和 Google Chrome 都是基于 Chromium 开发的,Edge的处理方法和Chrome一致。 Google Chrome解决办法HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome在右边窗口中,右键单击新建>DWORD(32位)值,双击创建的新值;然后将新值名称改为 RendererCodeIntegrityEnabled 并将值数据输入为 0; Microsoft Edge解决办法HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Edge\在右边窗口中,右键单击新建>DWORD(32位)值,双击创建的新值;然后将新值名称改为 RendererCodeIntegrityEnabled 并将值数据输入为 0; 因此,需要更新禁用一下这个东西。在注册表里改。 解决方式: win + R调出命令行工具,输入regedit回车 找到如下路径 计算机\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTW......Read More

本文转自:https://blog.51cto.com/91xueit/1750008 我学生的客户域控制器管理员密码给忘记了,需要他帮忙重设。使用windowsPE这种工具只能回复不是域控制器的计算机的密码。 下面给大家在虚拟机中演示如何重新设置域控制管理员密码。 进入BIOS,设置成从光驱启动。 进入命令提示符执行以下命令 ren osk.exe osk02.exe ren cmd.exe osk.exe  退出安装程序从硬盘重新引导 可以看到打开就是命令提示符,就可以直接更改管理员密码了就这么简单 充设了密码 别忘了了将以上重命名的文件改回来,否则就给别人留下了后门。 Read More

本文转自:https://www.cnblogs.com/waw/p/9673474.html 下面我们来讲解一下如何将中文系统转化成日文、韩文、英文等其它语言界面的系统。 以windows server 2008 R2系统中文变英文为例: 1、到微软官方下载:Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 多語言使用者介面語言套件,选择所需语言,等待切换界面后,点击“download”下载 2、将语言安装包下载到服务器本地,如下图 3、双击exe运行文件,开始语言的安装,安装好后界面会自动关闭,如下图 4、打开控制面板,并点击区域和语言 5、切换到键盘和语言选项卡会有如下界面,在选择显示语言项选择一下,并点击确定(注意,如果语言包没有安装或没有安装成功会没有语言选择项) 6、点击确定后,会提示你注销,点注销就可以了。之后再登录进去就是其它语言了。 Read More

本文转自:https://www.petenetlive.com/KB/Article/0000039 Problem You want to set up a Cisco ASA to authenticate users (VPN access for example). Solution Kerberos can only be used as an authentication protocol on the ASA, so its fine for allowing VPN connections but not for assigning policies etc. To work both the ASA and the domain need to be showing accurate time. Step 1: Set the ASA to get time from an External NTP Server 1. Log onto the ASA > Go to “Enable Mode” > Issue the following command; User Access Verification Password: Type help or '?' for a list of available commands. Petes-ASA> enable Password: ******** Petes-ASA# configure terminal Petes-ASA(config)# ntp server source outside Note that’s a public time server in the UK (Manchester University) that I use. you may want to use another. 2. To check the ASA has synchronised issue the a ‘show ntp status‘ command, If you s......Read More

本文转自:https://www.petenetlive.com/KB/Article/0001104 Problem I got sent to Holland this week to look at a firewall deployment, and while I was sat in the Airport, I was going over the job I had to do, when I realised the solution I had suggested had a problem see below; My brief was to provide remote AnyConnect VPN into the network so the client could get their network setup, and manage things remotely. However as I drew the network out in my head I realised that the situation above was what was going to happen. How was I going to fix that? Well firstly I thought ‘Just put on the management firewall, and move .2 and .3 to the main firewalls’. Well thats fine, but it does not leave me room for expansion, or if the client needs to add remote access to a production network. (Which will be needed in the future). Then I thought ‘Can I put a static route on the main firewalls to route to the management firewall’. Which is a......Read More

本文转自:https://www.petenetlive.com/KB/Article/0000069 Problem Below is a walk through for setting up a client to gateway VPN Tunnel using a Cisco ASA appliance.This was done via the ASDM console. The video was shot with ASA version 8.4(2) and ASDM 6.4(5) and the setup process is a lot less painful than it used to be. The original article was written with ASA version 8.0(4) and ASDM 6.1(3), which was a little more difficult so I will leave that procedure below just in case 🙂 ASDM cannot be used on the normal port on the outside interface when using SSL VPN SSL VPN AnyConnect from within an RDP session is not supported (and fails – even with a /console switch). SSL (HTTPS ot TCPport 443) needs to be free (i.e. NOT port forwarded to a web server / exchange server etc). Solution For Older Versions of the ASA/ASDM 1. Open up the&nbs......Read More

本文转自:https://www.petenetlive.com/KB/Article/0000628 Problem Note: With Anyconnect 4 Cisco now use Plus and Apex AnyConnect licensing. When Cisco released the 8.2 version of the ASA code, they changed their licensing model for AnyConnect Licenses. There are two licensing models, Premium and Essentials. Solution Cisco ASA AnyConnect Premium Licenses. You get two of these free with your firewall*, with a ‘Premium License’ you can use the AnyConnect client software for remote VPN Access, and you can access Clientless SSL facilities via the web portal. *As pointed out by @nhomsany “The two default premium licenses available are NOT cross-platform, (i.e. only Mac or Windows). Additionally you can use this license’ model with the Advanced Endpoint Assessment License’, this is the license’ you require for Cisco Secure Desktop. You can also use this license’......Read More

本文转自:https://www.petenetlive.com/KB/Article/0001272 Problem I was setting up a Cisco ASA this week and needed to enable the ability for users to reset their domain passwords when they are about to expire. To actually test that, I needed a test user that had their password either about to expire, or actually expired. As I dint want to wait 42 days, or setup a password policy just for one user, I needed to find a ‘quick and dirty’ fix for one user. Solution You need to open Active Directory Users and Computers, and you need to have ‘Advanced options’ enabled. Locate your user and open their properties > Attribute Editor > Attributes > pwdLastSet. If you want to set it to expired, then set its value to Zero. It should change to <never>, which is not strictly true, it actually changes to 12:00AM January 1st 1601. Note: If you set its value to -1 and apply the change it resets the attribute to the current day and time (you ma......Read More